Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are contemplating therapy, it’s likely you have come to the conclusion that talking to someone about things occurring in your life may be beneficial. Complimentary 15 minute Phone consultations are provided to clients looking to gather more information about fit for therapy. Please email to request a consultation

Like all things, therapy does carry some risks associated. These are communicated to clients on the consent form, and confirmed to be understood when starting therapy. Mainly, it’s important for clients to consider that therapy can be difficult work, and can be emotional, therefore, the presenting concerns may be feel harder or worse while we journey through this.

While each person has their own ideas about goals when coming into therapy, overall, therapy offers an opportunity for people to address concerns, fears or issues that have been impacting their life. The hope is that through strong relationships with a therapist, and good clinical work, clients can walk away feeling more regulated and grounded

$160 per 50 minute session (Sliding scale may be available and can be discussed with therapist). Receipts are provided to clients which can be submitted through benefits where psychotherapy is covered. No Direct Billing

$130 per 50 minute supervision session


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